How do I use SlackView?

High throughput, low latency streaming of slack messages provides a great experience for your audience

Install SlackView

Simply click the ‘Add To Slack’ button to install SlackView to your Workspace. We only request the bare minimum of permissions.

Add @SlackView to your channel

/invite @SlackView to the channel(s) you’d like to be publicly streamable.

Install the widget

@SlackView will send a message to the channel with explicit instructions and a tiny snippet you can copy and paste into your website.

Why does SlackView exist?

During a casual conversation with a tech conference organizer we expressed discontent at the lack of community and atmosphere when watching a virtual conference. Only a small fraction of viewers actually join the Slack to participate in discussion, or to engage with one and other. SlackView was created to provide a window into the activity of the audience and act as a CTA for more viewers to join in.

What Others Think

I love free stuff!!

Carter Rabasa
Founder, CascadiaJS

Install SlackView in minutes

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